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Pet Stains and Odor Issues

Stains and Odor Removal Products and Cleaning Procedures and Options

special liquid extraction tool

1. Good – For this service level we treat minor issues – odors smelled only on humid days and if you are kneeling down on the carpet

  • We use quality deodorizers
  • Safe for you and safe for your pets
  • We spray the urine spot before cleaning in order to absorb the urine and bacteria that is embedded.
  • This will reduce the odor, but it’s not really designed to eliminate severe odors.
  • This level only treat the surface. Minor orders are .

2. Better – We use specialized extraction processes and equipment

  • Water claw sub surface extraction.
  • Entails saturation of spotting with premium oxidation deodorizers
  • Using special equipment, the cleaning agent will reach deep down into the underlay.
  • The extractor will pull out the urine completely
  • Significant reduction the odor.
  • Not not solve every issue – additional measures may be required.

3. Best – Designed to eliminate odor completely and thoroughly

  • Carpet is removed and padding is replaced
  • Both sides are cleaned with a liquid treatment to neutralize and remove all traces.
  • The carpet, sub-floor and baseboards are then treated with a special protective product.
  • Most expensive option however the most effective.

NOTE: We’ll make the best cleaning recommendation and offer the best solution for you, once we have assessed your particular case.