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Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Pricing

We provide FIXED PRICE rates for our carpet and upholstery cleaning services.

We charge one price for single story homes, one price for two story homes and one price for three story homes.

You will not pay extra for a single thing. EVERYTHING is included – hallways, closets, staircases, general spots, deodorization, pre-treatment, etc.

You don’t have to worry about examining our final invoice for hidden charges for these services because they will not be there!

Our Price List:
1-Bedroom Apartment/Condo $300.00
2-Bedroom Apartment/Condo $360.00
3-Bedroom Apartment/Condo $420.00
Single Story House (Bungalow up to 1250 sq. feet) $450.00*
2-Story House (Average size, up to 1800 sq.feet in total) $520.00*
3-Story House (Average size, up to 1800 sq.feet in total + basement carpets) $720.00*
2-Bedrooms bi-level Townhouse $390.00
3-Bedrooms bi-level Townhouse $420.00
4-Bedrooms bi-level Townhouse $450.00
2-Bedrooms three-level Townhouse $450.0
3-Bedrooms three-level Townhouse $480.00
Sectional sofa, different sizes $300.00-$480.00
3-seat sofa $160.00**
Love-seat $140.00*
Chair $90.00**
Mattress $80.00**

Scotchgard protection is an additional price equal to 50% of each cleaning price.

Commercial carpet cleaning services we charge a fixed rate $0.16 per square foot.


* Usually consists of three bedrooms and living room/dining room; two-story home consists of three bedrooms, living/dining room along with a single set of stairs; three-story home consists of three bedrooms, living/dining room, carpeted areas within the basement along with a double set of stairs. Larger homes are subject for custom quote.

**These items have to be cleaned along with some other cleaning that should be equal to or greater than $80 in order to qualify for these rates; otherwise, $80 service charge will be applied.
We may not be the cheapest carpet cleaning company in the area, but our services are the very best. We deliver high quality results through our top-notch services that will go above and beyond your expectations.

If you decide to go with a cheaper, low-quality cleaning company that offers, for example, a “whole house package” cleaning for a few bucks, then you are only wasting your valuable time, patience and money on these unrealistic SCAMS! Either you are going to have to examine your invoice under a microscope to see all of the hidden fees, end up with dirty carpets that are just soaked in soapy water or worse so…
If You Truly Want Value, You Ought to Pay For It!!

All of the prices listed are quoted as such based on the fact that your rooms are either empty or we will not have to move any furniture when our technicians arrive. Other than a couple of very small items, our technicians are ordered not to move any of your furniture. Therefore, please make sure that you handle any moving that needs to take place within the areas that are to be cleaned before your scheduled appointment. You also need to ensure that all rooms are pre-vacuumed before the technician shows up as well.

If our technicians are required to carry their equipment up into your apartment or condo building and do not have access to an elevator, you will be charged an additional $10 fee for each applicable flight of stairs.

All of the carpets that we work on are agitated first by a power scrubber followed by a thorough steam cleaning. Basic spot and stain removal is including in our pricing. Our technicians will do the best they can to get the minor spots and stains taken care of but will discuss additional treatment options with you for more severe stains that were not removed. Pet stains and the removal of odors are premium yet cost-effective procedures that are tedious and, therefore, subject to additional charges.