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Janitorial And Commercial Office Cleaning Services

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Business owners such as yourself are responsible for making sure that the work areas of your employees are taken care of and they have a healthy and safe work environment. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by hiring a local Toronto cleaning company to provide you with commercial janitorial cleaning services so that your commercial space is kept organized and clean.

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When your office space is always kept clean, it can reach help to maintain your employees’ morale and increase their productivity. It also can help prospective clients and visiting guests have a good first impression when they visit your facility.

This is why it is so important to have a professional office cleaning service that you can depend on to always keep your offices looking at their very best.

Normally there is no formal training required for commercial janitorial work. Individuals in those roles frequently have experience working with professional office or household cleaning services, and/or they are trained by more experienced janitors on the job. In-house cleaners and janitors are vetted for security based on your company’s recruitment process. This provides certain levels of assurance, quality control, and consistency.

Professional commercial cleaning providers need to be able to provide whatever cleaning services hat your industrial, business, or office space needs. Whether that is specialized commercial cleaning services or regular janitorial services will depend on how messy your office is. To help you determine this, check out our brief descriptions below of the differences between janitorial and commercial office cleaning services.

Janitorial Services

Depending on how large your office is, you might only need periodic weekly cleaning or daily cleaning to get rid of accumulated clutter and garbage. No matter how frequently you need it, typically regular cleaning services are janitorial cleaning services. Regular janitorial cleaning includes such tasks as wiping down surfaces such as counters and desks, vacuuming carpets, and emptying out recycling and waste bins. By having a janitorial service stay on top of those tasks, it can help your office function efficiently and looks its best. However, there are other types of cleaning services you might need that is beyond the scope of what is provided by regular janitorial services.

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Usually, Janitorial Cleaning includes:

  • Wiping down office chairs and desks
  • Emptying recycle and trash
  • Cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming upholstery and carpets
  • Sweep and mop hard surface floors
  • Clean employee kitchens and break-rooms
  • Touch Point cleaning of high-traffic touch-points
  • Clean bathrooms

Commercial Office Cleaning

Commercial cleaning services basically cover any cleaning jobs that an office requires that go beyond daily cleaning tasks. Not many janitorial services provide carpet shampooing and cleaning. You might need to have exterior cleaning done like window washing. This is part of what is offered by commercial office cleaning service but extends beyond what regular janitorial workers are equipped to deal with. Although many janitorial services will deal with surface cleaning the bathrooms in your office, more extensive cleaning such as scrubbing tile and grout will require specialty commercial cleaning teams that have the proper equipment for handling the job. Although these cleaning tasks tend to be more extensive, most offices do not need them on a regular basis. So your commercial cleaning tasks can be spread out throughout the year based on your company’s budget and needs.

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There are other advantages that come with hiring a professional commercial cleaning company. One is that you will not need to worry about any tax or payroll requirements. You will pay either a fixed rate or flat fee depending on which services you receive and how frequently they are done. You will agree on all of this based on a comprehensive quote. That way there will not be any surprises in the future.

Usually, commercial cleaning services include:

  • Power washing
  • Window washing
  • Upholstery and furniture cleaning
  • Cleaning of hard surface floors
  • Floor finishing
  • Cleaning grout and tile
  • Disinfection Cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning

For all businesses, it is an absolute must to keep their premises and buildings hygienic and clean at all times. However, this does require effort and time. That is why so many businesses decide to either hire janitorial or custodial staff or outsource their cleaning services. When there are people devoted to the cleanliness and upkeep of your business, that means it will not end up falling by the wayside when your other employees do not have time to deal with it.

Here’s some tips on how to choose a Commercial Cleaning Company and what questions to ask.